Sterilising Oven Memmert Sn30 32L Nat. 230V 5

Code: XOV330-20
per EACH

Memmert® SN-series ovens provide rapid hot air sterilising of glassware, instruments and media.
Temperature range ambient +5˚C to +250˚C
Natural convection
With SingleDISPLAY controlCOCKPIT controller
Stainless steel interior and exterior sides (external rear panel-zinc coated steel)
Heaters located in ribs on all four sides provide uniform heating
Digital process timer, adjustable between 1 minute and 99 days, 23 hours
10 year datalogger
SetpointWAIT function ensures that the process time is not initiated until the set temperature is reached at all measuring points
Temperature accuracy: up to 99˚C: ±0.1˚C, from 100˚C: ±0.5˚C
Supplied with stainless steel wire grid shelf