Spills Kit Chemispill®. The Kit contains

Code: SLAB0004-KIT

Spills Kit Chemispill®. The Kit contains Scharlau laboratory gloves, safety glasses, brush and dustpan, scratching spatula, residue plastic bags and how to use instructions.

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The new Chemispill® range, products with high neutralisation and absorption capabilities, allows to clean up and safely dispose of any kind of laboratory spillage with maximum security and reliability. This new line of products is formed by 3 complementary products for absorbing and/or neutralising unexpected spillages.

Chemispill® Sorb: Very low-density general absorbent, with a very high absorption power, capable to efficiently absorb organic spillages, as well as aqueous neutral solutions, oily samples, etc., without leaving marks or dusty residues.

Chemispill® H+: Absorbent material with great neutralisation capacity. Neutralises efficiently any kind of acid spillages. Contains pH indicator.

Chemispill® OH-: Absorbent material with great neutralisation capacity. Neutralises effectively any kind of alkali spillages. Contains pH indicator.

Spills Kit Chemispill®: Complete safety Kit against laboratory spillages. Delivered in a comfortable and smart suitcase, easy to handle. Contains: 1 packaging of each Chemispill® absorbents, Scharlau nitrile gloves, safety glasses, residue plastic bags, scratching spatula, brush and dustpan, and how-to-use instructions.

Chemispill® safety shelf: Shelf to hang on the Wall of the laboratory the full range of Chemispill® products.

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