Laboratory and Chemcial Waste Management

For over 40 years, Ocon Chemicals has provided laboratories, pharmacies, and a range of industry sectors with safe, compliant waste management solutions tailored to each customer's precise needs. Let us put our track record and expertise to work to safeguard your facility, employees, and reputation:

Hazardous & non-hazardous

Along with our waste collection and disposal service, we also offer a comprehensive range of UN approved packaging including: 

Bulk Containers 
Solvent Containers 
Sharps Container

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Collection and Disposal 

Our waste management professionals will call to your facility to an agreed schedule, classify and segregate your waste, and transport it securely for compliant treatment and disposal.

Guaranteed Compliance 

Our team of waste management experts from our HazChem and ADR trained drivers to our in-house DGSA advisors guarantee a safe, compliant service in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certified procedures and waste transfer protocols.


We guarantee full traceability on all waste disposal transactions via our waste disposal documentation, and certificates of destruction.

Recycle and Recovery 

We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end recycle and resource recovery service to convert your hazardous waste into new materials, products, and energy sources.

Get in touch to discuss your laboratory and chemical waste collection and disposal requirements today! 

Let us put our expertise to work for your company. To discuss your company’s precise waste management needs, call us and talk to one of our friendly team of experts. We can provide you with a free consultation on how best to tackle your company’s laboratory and chemical waste management needs. Contact 021 4318555 or

Waste Management FAQ's

Here are some common questions we get surrounding our waste management services:

Once I have issued a PO when will the collection happen?

We do our best to schedule the collection within a two week period once we have received the go ahead

When can I expect the cert of destruction? 

Can take up to 6 months for the waste treatment facility to issue certs of desctruction

What Chemicals can you take? 

We can take classes: 2 (gases), 3 (flammables), 4 (flammable solids), 5 (oxidizers), 6 ( toxic), 8 (Corrosive), 9 (environmentally hazardous)

Are there Chemicals you can't take? 

We cannot take class 1 (explosives) and class 7 (radioactive)

What happens to our waste?

Your waste is recovered for energy

How to pack my waste vials?

1. COD: UN2922 (corrosive liquid, toxic, n.o.s) Sulphuric acid and mercury sulphate

2. Ammonia: UN2680 (lithium hydroxide)

3. Tn, Tp etc: UN3316 (chemical kits)

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