Waste Management

As a long-established Laboratory Supplies Company,  we also offer a Laboratory Waste Collection and Chemical Waste Disposal Service nationwide: 

  • COD Vials
  • Lab Smalls
  • WEEE
  • General Biohazard Waste
  • Plant Clear-outs
  • Pharmacy waste 

Waste Disposal Processes:

waste disposal
  • Segregation/Classification of Waste Lab Chemicals
  • Packing and Labelling of Waste
  • Transport Collection and Disposal of Waste in accordance With ADR and IMDG Regulations
  • Provision of UN Certified Packaging and Relevant Documentation
  • Disposal of Waste in a Licensed Treatment Facility in accordance with EU Regulations
All waste is segregated and packed by trained Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers.  Disposal Certificates will be issued upon completion of works. Prior to commencement of work all relevant permits and licenses will be provided. We are one of the most efficient chemical waste collection companies in Ireland.

Download our Waste Quotation form fill it out and simply send to waste@oconchemicals.com

Waste Disposal & Waste Management

Recycle & Recovery Recycling & Resource Recovery, as an alternative to traditional waste disposal, makes the most of precious resources by converting waste into new materials, products and energy sources. We provide a safe, reliable, chemical waste management service supported by our experienced area business managers and in-house service team. Through our collection, treatment and recovery processes, your hazardous waste is completely, safely and compliantly managed. Services include completing all the classification, labeling, packaging and supporting documentation required to ensure full compliance and adherence to all regular We are able to tailor our services to meet the needs of our customers. From commercial waste & chemical services, to total waste management solutions.


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