Vendor Managed Inventory Service

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service will guarantee optimal on-site inventory of the consumables, glassware, chemicals, ingredients and bulk raw materials you need while delivering time and cost savings. Let us work with your team to devise a tailored service to eliminate waste, free up storage space, free up valuable resources, and better manage your inventory budget.

Ocon Chemicals has a solid track record of offering a suite of tailored sourcing, supply, and a vendor managed inventory (VMI) services on our products to companies in a range of industries. As a leading Irish distributor of laboratory chemicals, glassware, and consumables, as well as bulk raw materials for Pharma and Food production, Ocon have established relationships with leading manufacturers, modern warehousing facilities, a large stock holding, and an efficient distribution network in place.

A VMI service tailored to meet individual company needs

We leverage our collective expertise and our ISO certified processes to devise a VMI offering that is guaranteed to deliver cost and operational efficiencies by meeting the inventory management needs of individual companies.

Our Account Management and VMI / logistics personnel work closely with each customer to tailor the service to their exact needs based on competitive sourcing and the guarantee of an efficient, secure supply partnership. We agree competitive contract pricing on the specified products, minimum and maximum inventory levels for each on-site stock location, a stock management and delivery schedule, and tailored invoicing arrangements.

Guaranteed cost savings and operational efficiencies

Ocon’s Vendor Managed Inventory service delivers:

  • Expert inventory monitoring and replenishment services for increased reliability and reduced costs.

  • Efficient replenishment of critical inventory to agreed min/max levels based on exact demand information.

  • Scheduled monitoring of on-site inventory levels at specified locations for optimised on-site storage space.

  • Elimination of wasteful inventory levels.

  • Increased productivity by freeing up personnel to focus on priority tasks.

  • Accurate and timely usage reporting.

Let Ocon’s team of purchasing, account management, and logistics experts help your company implement an inventory management strategy that frees up valuable resources and storage space, guarantees optimal inventory, and identifies areas for ongoing improvement.

Leading brand laboratory chemicals, glassware, and consumables

Visit our Bulk Raw Materials and Chemicals, Glassware, Consumables pages to discover more about our product ranges.

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