Whatman™ Qualitative Filter Paper: Grade 1

Code: F11392815
per EACH

Covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids. Whatman™ Qualitative Filter Paper: Grade 1 Sheets are widely used standard grade filter paper for routine applications with medium retention and flow rates. These cellulose filters are used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials and for clarifying liquids. Particle Retention: >11μm Porosity: medium Filtration speed: ASTM™, 40 sec.; Herzberg, 150 sec. Surface: smooth Separates precipitates such as lead sulfate, calcium oxalate (hot) and calcium carbonate Used for soil analysis and seed testing procedures in the agricultural industry Used to separate solid foodstuffs from associated liquid or extract liquid in the food industry Atmospheric dust is collected from airflow and the stain-intensity measured Impregnated with a chromogenic reagent and color formation quantified by optical reflectance for gas detection

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