Readycult Enterococci 100

Code: 1.01299.0001
per PK 20


Readycult® Coliform and Readycult® Enterococci make it easy to detect coliforms, E. coli
or faecal streptococci in water. You only need a sterile container and a UV lamp (Cat. No. 1.13203.0001).

Easy handling: Readycult® is ready to use in a blister pack
Quick results: Add Readycult® to the water sample straight from the blister pack, mix, incubate for 24 ±1 hour, read result, finished!
Safe and easy interpretation: Readycult® reliably detects even damaged organisms. Blue-green colour change shows the presence of Total coliforms, E. coli
or Enterococci (Cat. No. 1.01299); fluorescence + indole reaction shows the presence of E. coli.
* for 50 ml water; ** for 100 ml water.

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