Dispensette S Dispenser Dig. Vol. Stand. Valv

Code: XDK106-30

The 45 mm standard thread plus the included adapters fit most common lab bottles. The valve block can be rotated 360° so that the bottle label always faces the ...

per EACH

Calibration adjustment on all models to comply with ISO9001 and GLP requirement DE-M marked (German Measurement and Calibration Regulation, replacing former H mark) Reagents in contact with chemically inert materials only TPX® protective sleeve around the glass cylinder (except model TA) to reduce breakage hazards Safety discharge valve restricts reagent flow when the discharge tube is not secured properly Optional recirculation valve on the discharge tube allows reagent to be channelled back into the reservoir during priming to avoid ‘spitting’ Multi-layered PFA plunger coating for smoother operation and better chemical resistance Locking sleeve supports full length of discharge tube for stability during dispensing and screwthread safety cap reduces risk of reagent splashing Telescopic, FEP filling tube self-adjusts to the depth of the reservoir bottle Valve block rotatable 360˚ to allow the reservoir label to be viewed comfortably by facing the user and dispenser fascia and discharge tube can be independently rotated on the reservoir neck for maximum convenience in use All models (except model TA) can be steam sterilised at 121°C (2 bar for 20 minutes) Maximum operating limits: 600mbar pressure, 500mm2/sec. viscosity, 40oC temperature and 2.2g/cm3 dispensed media density Dispensette S®, Digital Variable Volume, Recirculation valve, Conformity Certified with Performance Certificate Accuracy (A) < ±0.5% reproducibility (V) < 0.1%. Digital display of volume setting. Easily adjustable calibration with display flag indicating user re-calibration from factory setting. A45 standard neck thread. Supplied with FEP discharge tube and valve as indicated, performance certificate, operating manual, mounting tool, FEP telescopic filling tube (70-140mm) and PP bottle adapters (GL32-33, GL38, S40). With standard valve. Without reservoir bottle. Note: The figures given for accuracy and reproducibility are final test values referred to maximum volume and distilled water at 20°C.

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