Clear lab bottle,250ml, Thread ISO: GL45

Code: SL0414321250

Discover our 250ml premium clear lab container with a GL45 thread for security, a retrace code for traceability, and a handy double graduated scale. Ideal for secure storage and accurate measurements in laboratories. Improve your scientific procedures with the help of this sturdy lab container.

per EACH


The Clear Lab Bottle, a 250ml masterpiece painstakingly made to redefine your scientific endeavours, is the pinnacle of laboratory innovation. This is more than simply a container; it's a representation of the accuracy, security, and functionality your experiments demand.

Experience a world of clarity as this bottle's translucent exterior allows you to see its contents clearly. From complex solutions to essential substances, every component contained therein is displayed with unmatched transparency.

The ISO-standard GL45 thread, which was designed for utmost precision, ensures a flawless fit and keeps your contents secure and contaminant-free. Only an unwavering dedication to preserving what matters most. No compromises. No leaks.

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