Calibration Services

Ocon Chemicals are certified service partners for MAS-100 microbial air monitors used in cleanrooms and critical manufacturing environments. We offer an on-site calibration service designed to fit around your schedule and in full compliance with the relevant legislation, manufacturer's guidelines, and our ISO certified processes.

Models calibrated:

  • MAS-100
  • MAS-100 NT
  • MAS-100 NT Ex
  • MAS-100 VF
  • MAS-100 Eco
  • MAS-100 Iso NT
  • MAS-100 Iso MH

Ensure your air quality remains in compliance

Your environmental monitoring process is too important to risk with inaccurate data. To effectively monitor the air quality in your cleanroom, laboratory, or manufacturing facility it is vital that your MAS-100 microbial air monitor is operating optimally. It is crucial that the air flow of your instrument is within the defined specifications. Air flow significantly influences the instrument's collection efficiency and the accuracy of the microbial measurement results.

Schedule regular calibrations

Ocon Chemicals have worked closely with our Life Science customers to develop on-site methodologies for calibrating their MAS-100 microbial air monitors. As certified service partners, we offer NIST traceable calibration, on a six monthly or annual basis, with master testing standards and specialised software. We issue a detailed certificate of calibration on completion, and a follow-up calibration due alert service.

Get in touch to discuss your air monitor calibration requirements today!

To discuss your company’s air monitor calibration requirements, contact Brian Wall on 021 4318555 / 086 8217993;

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