Ocon Bulk Raw Materials 

At Ocon Chemicals we know that the quality of your finished products is directly related to the quality and correct handling of your raw materials. We are proud of our team’s knowledge and expertise in the sourcing, storage and distribution of the bulk raw materials and ingredients that are critical to our customers’ ongoing operations.

Ocon Chemicals supply our Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Dairy and Food industry customers with fully traceable, bulk raw materials and functional ingredients sourced from certified suppliers. We work with world class suppliers with extensive experience in the manufacture of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients, as well as regular grade raw materials. We carefully select our suppliers to guarantee consistent high-quality, security of supply, and competitive pricing. Our supplier relationships allow us to offer a range of quality, specification, price, packaging, storage, and delivery options to meet each customer’s exact needs.

Bulk Raw Materials / Ingredients

Ocon Chemicals aim to provide all our manufacturing customers with competitive pricing on high-quality bulk raw materials and ingredients in a wide variety of standard, as well as bespoke, pack sizes to meet each company’s precise needs. We have long established supply relationships with Irish based pharmaceutical, medical device, dairy and food companies for a comprehensive line of bulk raw material and ingredient products.

Secure Monthly Deliveries

To protect your manufacturing operations against supply chain disruptions, Ocon can place a standing monthly order with suppliers for your raw materials and ingredients, 12 months in advance. This guarantees on-time, monthly deliveries of the raw materials and ingredients critical to your ongoing operations.

Change Control Guarantees

All raw materials and ingredients supplied by Ocon are accompanied by a certificate of analysis to demonstrate compliance with pharma or food grade specifications, as appropriate. Our Change Control service means that any proposed manufacturing changes are immediately relayed to the end customer.

Specialised Storage and Transportation

The bulk ingredient products Ocon supply are stored in our climate-controlled facilities constructed to safely meet warm and cold storage needs. They are delivered to our customers on a timely basis in climate controlled vehicles to reach them at optimum quality with traceability guaranteed.


To compliment our line of bulk raw materials and ingredients Ocon provide our customers with a comprehensive range of packaging options to meet their needs. Our plastic, polymer, glass, paper, and aluminium packaging solutions ensure that your raw materials and ingredients can be transported safely and securely to your manufacturing facility.

Get in touch to discuss your bulk raw material / ingredient and packaging requirements

To discuss your company’s precise needs, call us and talk to one of our friendly team of experts. We can provide you with a quotation, product technical data, samples (from existing inventory where possible), and certificates of analysis to fully support the approval process.


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