Bulk Raw Material for Pharma

We supply Traceable Bulk Raw Material for Pharma and Medical Device sectors.
Our manufacturers have many years experience of producing high quality Ali's with regulatory support.
These products come in various standard pack sizes and in some cases we can quote for bespoke pack sizes to meet customer specific requirements.
We have various supply arrangements with end users to facilitate efficient stocking and delivery of these products making sure to avoid any stock out situations

Raw materials for the production of pharmaceuticals can be subdivided into three categories.

Active pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

APIs’ may be considered as the active ingredient which is responsible for the beneficial action of the product. It is essential that API are pure and the quality is of the highest standard for the given application.


Are the drug carriers that allow API’s to be processed and delivered to a point of application. Pharmaceutical raw materials used for producing excipients are generally solvents or carriers which deliver the API so it may provide beneficial effect.


Packaging involves the use of plastic/ polymers, glass, paper, aluminium foil and paper. That allows the finished product to arrive to a customer in a safe usable form. It can be in the form of bottles boxes and a variety of other forms

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